Today, Thursday April 14th, I will be doing a fb live on our ASOPA Updates page but I wanted to go ahead and send this out for all who might not have access or who like referring to emails more! One week from tomorrow our recital weekend begins as we end our 38th season with all the culmination of yet another exciting year sharing a passion that will remain always! If there is any doubt just check out our Senior Spotlight highlighting our 8 graduating seniors which began Wednesday of this week.

My staff and I are beyond excited for you all to see the growth achieved and the incredible performances yet to come! With that being said I wanted to go over more information so that next week as well as shows run smoothly and to also answer any questions you might have beforehand!

Beginning with ticket sales, I hope you all have been able to get your allotted tickets and all worked well. Beginning tomorrow at 9am all shows will be open to purchase remaining tickets until sold out. However I would ask that you still limit your number so that anyone who might need an additional one has the opportunity as well. You will not need a code to do so this time.

There will be a videographer for all shows and those forms will be available beginning Monday for you to pick up in office as well as at show itself if interested!

Our recital t-shirts will be in for all who ordered next week and will be given out in classes and before shows begin.

I’m still waiting on picture info but if it’s like last season, they will be in after recital and we will notify everyone to give specific times to come by studio for pick up. More info will follow in regards to that as soon as I hear back from photographer.

All accounts need to be paid in full before next Thursday so we can be assured of all performing as during recital we don’t have extra time to deal with handling accounts. Please let us know of any questions or concerns regarding balances owed.

Registration packets and summer info will go out by the end of April and should be in your hand by the first week of May. If you have a change of address or do not receive by that time contact us immediately if interested in information for next season. When received please fill out immediately if returning so you will be assured a spot before registration opens to the public!

Schedule for next week: All classes are running on a regular schedule except for Musical Theatre. Those classes will be getting an email directly but we would like for the two Musical Theatre classes to come together this upcoming Wednesday from
4:30pm-6:15pm so the production can run together a few times as rehearsed before a few weeks back. That’s the only change for next week regarding regular classes.

RECITAL INFORMATION: all students will remain backstage the entire show from start to finish and will then come on together at the end for finale. Helpers will be there to dress them for performances so that all seated in audience can enjoy the show. For finale we ask they wear Recital t-shirt (if ordered) or an Alicias t-shirt given out at beginning of season. They can wear over costume, with leggings or shorts etc. and can wear any shoes as long as it is not a flip flop or open heel slip on shoe. When you arrive please drop off student in the back at dressing room area (more info on exact location and how you will see signs for that will be sent next week). Please arrive in first costume and have all accessories, other costumes, dance shoes etc on hanger or in ziplock bag with names on them and in them so that helpers backstage will be able to help dress accordingly! At the end of the show students will be able to greet audience members after they have been picked up in the dressing room along with their belongings. Preschoolers however, will be able to leave directly from front of stage immediately following finale. Dancers should arrive 45 minutes before shows begin and the doors will be opened for audience members to enter 30 minutes before showtime. Concessions will be available throughout all shows and proceeds from sales will go towards helping the youth attend Camp Dixie so we are really excited to be able to participate in such a wonderful cause. Programs for all shows will be available as you enter the building to take your seating. There will also be small gifts and flowers available for purchase for anyone interested in front of building before and during each show. Parking will be available in back and in front of the building. Please do not park up in the church front area. There will be plenty of room and you will be directed accordingly. I think I’ve covered all I for for now but as always if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me personally or contact office! We are SO EXCITED once again as the COUNTDOWN CONTINUES!!!!