January 2014 Newsletter

Clogging Team Schedule


PARENT OBSERVATION has been moved to the following week due the weather and cancellation of classes this past week. It will be held beginning Feb. 24 - Feb. 27. We look forward to seeing you all then!

 Results for this weekends competition are as follows: Sunday, Feb. 9, Callie Aman - 2nd place High Gold, Sarah Stewart - 1st Place High Gold and 4th overall, Autumn Register - 2nd place Gold, Scarlett Short - High Gold, Madison Dunn - 2nd place Platinum for clogging solo 2nd place for tap solo and 1st overall Super Solo Award, Brittany Richardson - 3rd place High Gold, Emily Holmes - 1st place High Gold, Sarah Haight - 1st place High Gold, Anndrea Tyndall - 2nd Place High Gold, Christina Dorman/Kaylee Jones - 1st place High Gold, Kristen Hudson/Charli Rosenberg - 1st Place High Gold, Johnna Dodd/Anndrea Tyndall - 3rd Place High Gold, Elite Company Hip Hop - 1st place High Gold, Sing Sing Tap Production - 1st Place Platinum, 1st Overall, Elite Company Jazz - 1st place in division High Gold, Sr. company hip hop - 3rd place High Gold and 3rd Overall, Sr. Clogging Team 2nd place High Gold, Sr. Company Jazz - 1st Place Gold, Contemporary Group - 3rd place Gold. 
Saturday, Feb. 8: Layla Sauls - 1st Place Platinum and 1st overall, Calesie Godwin, Karson Massengill, Jocie Lee - clogging trio - 1st place Platinum and 1st overall, Ashlyn Creech,Jordan Niedwick - clogging duet - 3rd place High Gold,: Caleigh Jones, Claire Parker, Nicole Barefoot - jazz trio - 1st Place Platinum and 1st overall: Jr Company Hip Hop - 2nd Place Platinum: Jr. Company Jazz - 1st Place Platinum and 1st place overall : Jr. Clogging Team - 1st Place Platinum and 1st overall: Evan Wilkins - 2nd place High gold: Christina Dorman - 1st Place Platinum: Kaitlyn Warren - 1st Place High Gold: Charli Rosenberg - 1st Place High Gold: 
Friday, Feb. 7: Reagan Williford - 2nd Place High Gold: Claire Parker - 1st Place Platinum and 1st overall: Nicole Barefoot - 1st Place Platinum and 1st overall: Caleisie Godwin - 2nd Place High Gold: Karson Massengill - 1st Place High Gold! 
So very PROUD of everyone!!!!! Congratulations on a great weekend!!!!!!!!




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